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SIGNAL USA can supply all of your gas analyzer system requirements. From CEMS for environmental compliance reporting to combustion analysis research, gas turbine and autmotive engine testing. Custom applications , specialty instruments, gas sampling equipment and combustion analysis products for combustion research and process control.

gas analyzers


combustion research

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Combustion Analysis

Designed to continuously sample and measure the levels of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide in combustion exhaust. NO/NO2/NOx may be optionally monitored with the model 4000VM heated vacuum chemiluminescence gas analyser.
The gas analysis system is self contained and housed in a free standing mobile cabinet. It includes a single Model 9000MGA CO / CO2 gas filter correlation infrared analyser and a water removal gas sample handling system.Mesurements
and CO/CO2 ratio are displayed.

System Components:

9000MGA Gas Analyzer

4000VM Gas Analyzer
Chemiluminescence NOx

Model 540
Sample line controller


destruction efficiency

Destruction Efficiency

These systems are custom designed to specification for monitoring VOC destruction or removal efficiency across thermal ozidizer, catalyst bet, carbon bed or bio-filtration units. Measurement is made using a pair of heated total hydrocarbon FIDs. Calculations, data archiving and reporting are performed in our fully-featured and user-configurable DAS.

System Components:

3000HM Gas Analyzer
Total Hydrocarbon FID

System DAS
PLC and software suite

Sample Line Controller
Dual Sample Lines

Calibration Gas Panel
Distribution Control

Hydrogen Generator
FID Fuel Gas

VOC monitoring

Simple Systems

May consist of a singleVOC gas analyzer, gas sampling interface and minimal data recording. Enclosures for various environments and appropriate climate control are available. We can supply individual component pieces or complete turnkey capability with installation and maintenance. Call us to discuss your application.

System Components:

3000HM Gas Analyzer
Total Hydrocarbon FID

Hybrid Chart Recorder
System Data Recorder

Heated Stream Swiching
Multi-point Monitoring

Climate Control
Air Cond./ Heating

Gas Sample Line Controller
Dual Sample Lines

automotive combustion

MaxSys 900 ULC

This is a complete 5-gas Automotive engine combustion research system featuring Series III advanced gas analyzers. It includes pre-filtration, gas sampling and distribution, sample gas conditioning, heated measurements for hydrocarbon (FID) and low level NOx, paramagnetic oxygen measurement and gas filter correlation infrared measurement of CO and CO2. Complete data aquisition is also available. All in a compact 22RU high package.


System Components:

3000HM Gas Analyzer
Total Hydrocarbon FID

4000VM Gas Analyzer
Chemiluminescence NOx

9000MGA Gas Analyzer

Model 340
Distribution Oven

Series 200
Gas Sample Cooler/ Gas Sample Conditioner

automotive emissions

MaxSys 900

Automotive Emission systems are flexible and powerful enough to meet all international standards, including US EPA. MaxSys 900 systems provide testing to automotive manufacturers and engine producers, research labs and educational facilities. The systems integrate with most test cell computer systems or Signal's own software suite.

Key Features
Modular Design, Raw & Dilute Samples Heated Sampling Systems, Heated Filters & Pump modules EPA, ECE Compliant, 'AK' Control Protocol (RS232)

Engine Test Bed, Cat Efficiency Chassis & Dilute CVS Alternative Fuels, R & D

emission monitoring

EMIRAK Series Pre-engineered Industrial Continuous emission monitoring system CEMS
with integral data and CEMS control display. Dry gas analysis and hot/wet hybrid systems available.


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