Heated Prefilters, Distribution Ovens and Multipoint Selectors

Signal Instruments manufacturers a comprehensive line of heated gas sampling equipment for making hot/wet measurements of exhaust gases in industrial, combustion, automotive and research applications.

The Series 350 is a high volume heated sample conditioning unit with heated sample pump and single (Model 351) or dual (Model 352) removable input filters. Designed for automotive continuous gas emissions, the unit has 3/8" diameter air actuated ball valves for all gas switching. Purge and leak test functions are included as standard. The unit can be installed as a 19" rack mounting module or on a trolley (shown).

The Series 300 Multipoint Selector is designed for automotive applications for switching samples from individual test cells or cylinders. The unit incorporates 3/8" air actuated ball valves in a 191 degree C oven. Mounting can be either 19" rack or fixed on top of the 351/2 Heavy Duty Prefilter (shown).

350 Series Heavy Duty Prefilter with
Series 300 Multipoint Selector
For a larger photograph (95Kb), click here.


The 340 Distribution Oven can supply sample gas for up to three heated gas analyzers. The unit incorporates a removable, front panel filter which is mounted together with the distribution system in a 191 degree C temperature controlled oven.
Model 340 Distribution Oven For a larger photograph (80Kb), click here.
Download the Model 340 Operation Manual (Adobe PDF format 137 Kb)


The Series 330 Heated Prefilters are designed for applications where the sample gas may contain a high level of particulate such as stack emissions from a coal fired plant or diesel engine exhaust. The unit features the high temperature removable filter in a temperature controlled oven. Versions are available that include multiple sample outlets and inlet/outlet heated sample line controllers (shown).
Model 333 Heated Prefilter For a larger photograph (104Kb), click here.


The Model 320 is designed for applications where a portable unit is required to filter gas samples that contain a high level of particulate such as stack emissions from coal fired plants and diesel exhaust, similar to the 330 Series. A purge facility allows seperate purging of the heated filter, sample inlet and downstream sample lines. The unit has a seperate inlet valve for calibration gas.
Model 320 Portable Prefilter For a larger photograph (148Kb), click here.


Signal Instruments' Heated Prefilter and Gas Sample Distribution products feature an exclusive, panel-mounted, quick releasing, heated filter assembly. The filter holder is removed with a simple 1/4 twist action and is compatible with a wide range of standard filter elements. Inlet and outlet ports are standard 1/4" NPT threads.
Panel Mounted Filter  

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