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Heated Gas Sample Lines and Umbilicals for Emissions Monitoring

gas sample tubing

Heated sample lines are used in stack testing and emission monitoring to prevent the formation of moisture and acid gas condensation during sample extraction and transport, preserving the integrity of the gas sample for accurate measurement. Umbilicals generally consist of PFA or FEP tubing and a heat tracing element, imbedded in fiberglass insulation with a weatherproof jacket. A heat-traced sampling umbilical is often used in direct extractive CEMs for either hot/wet measurement or CEMs employing some method of dew point reduction prior to sample gas analysis. Two types of heat tracing are available for heated sample lines: Constant Wattage and Self-limiting.

Constant wattage or constant power density heat tracing allows higher operational temperatures to be maintained than self-limiting sample lines. They are used in applications requiring temperature maintenance above about 250 degrees F or where temperature must be more closely controlled and monitored. These sample lines require a thermostatic power controller and a thermocouple or other temperature feedback device. Constant watt sample lines are specified in watts per foot and the controller sized by the appropriate total power output.

Self-limiting sample lines feature the same basic construction as constant wattage lines, but the heat tracing becomes more resistive as its temperature rises, effectively limiting power delivery. This type of sample line requires no external controller and is suitable for many gas monitoring applications requiring temperature maintenance up to about 250 degrees F.

heat-traced sample tubing

Cross sectional view of 2-tube, heat-traced sample line

Heat-traced sample tubing is priced according to number and type of process tubes, heater and insulation requirements and length. Unfinished lengths may be purchased, but generally the line ends are finished with a weatherproof seal, power connections, tube fittings and embedded thermocouple, if applicable.

Low Voltage Heated Sample Lines and Controllers

A unique, low voltage sample line/controller combination is manufactured by Signal Instruments. The Series 500 are current-matched transformer controllers and sample lines available in lengths of up to 20m. Pricing is by tube diameter (1/4" and 3/8" O.D.) and sample line length. More information on the Series 500 Heated Sample Lines and Model 530 (shown) and 540 controllers can be found here.

series 500 heated sample line

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