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Series 330 Heated Pre-filters
Series 330 Heated Pre-filters are designed for applications where the sample gas may contain a high level of particulate such as diesel engine exhaust or stack emissions from coal-fired plants.

Series 330 is designed to pump filtered sample gas from a single source to one or two heated gas analyzers. Each unit includes a front-panel-mounted & readily removable filter and a heated sample pump fitted into a temperature controlled oven. Three models are available, each mounted in a 5U 19-inch rack-mount enclosure.
  • Model 331 has one temperature controller for the oven, one sample inlet, and one sample outlet.

  • Model 332 has two temperature controllers (one for the oven & another used for a heated sample line), one sample inlet, and two sample outlets.

  • Model 333 (shown above) has three temperature controllers (one for the oven and others used for inlet & outlet heated sample lines), one sample inlet, and two sample outlets.

  • Features:
  • fully heated sample path(s)
  • heated inlet filter
  • heated sample pump
  • sample inlets: 1
  • sample outlets: 1 or 2
  • temperature controllers: 1, 2, or 3
  • Model Temperature Controllers Gas Outlets
    331 1 - oven 1
    332 2 - oven & one heated sample line 2
    333 3 - oven & two heated sample lines 2

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