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K2BW custom manufactures both mobile and stationary continuous emission monitoring systems for environmental compliance and process monitoring. We can also supply the right gas sampling and interface equipment to complete your system. We supply everything from probes and sample lines to gas analyzers and complete systems.

Microprocessor-based analyzers using state-of-the-art chemiluminescence, infrared, paramagnetic, and ultraviolet techniques for measurement of CO, CO2, NO, NOx, O2, SO2, and other gases
Heated FID Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer features unparalleled safety, accuracy, stability and ease of use. Suitable for 40 CFR, Part 60, Method 25A. Portable units are available.
Calibration control, alarm and custom user-interface panels built for your specific needs
The Model 821S Gas Divider is designed for checking gas analyzer linearity. This highly accurate, 10 point gas divider can produce eleven ratios (from 0-100% concentration) from a single calibration gas and diluent.
Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems designed and built for maximum service life in your application.
SLC Series PID-based Heated Sample Line Temperature Controllers can control up to 600 feet of 110 and/or 220 Vac of tubing umbilicals for loads up to 30A.
A variety of lengths, configurations and materials of construction are available. Self-cleaning, heated and internal filter models.
Solid state thermoelectric (Peltier) element gas chillers available in up to 3 channels. Water alarm, dual temperature alarms and a temperature output are standard for each channel. Built-in peristaltic drain pumps. 3LPM per channel.
For direct engine exhaust emissions analysis applications, pre and post (inlet/outlet) catalyst analysis and combustion research and development. These systems feature a full compliment of high precision gas analyzers and comply with all international emissions measurement standards, including US-EPA and United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE). Automated test routines and analyzer system control are available with Windows® compliant software.

The complete line of advanced technology gas analyzers technical data and manuals can be found here

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