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HFID-DNMHC is a Series-4, Solar-class, heated dual-FID analyzer for measurement of non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC), a subset of non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC). It also provides seperate measurements for methane-only and total hydrocarbons (THC).

This unit is primarily designed for emissions testing in either laboratory or Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) applications. Like all Series-4 analyzers, it can be mains (120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz) or 24Vdc-powered. In the case of PEMS, the heavy-duty truck market usually supplies 24Vdc, but two 12Vdc batteries wired in series can be used to supply 24Vdc for Light Duty Vehicles (LDV); to charge these batteries whilst on-the-go, a simple off-the-shelf 24-to-12Vdc converter can be obtained.

The unit includes two flame-ionization detectors (FID). One FID measures total hydrocarbons (THC) while the other simultaneously measures only methane (CH4) by use of a non-methane cutter. The cutter operates at 98% efficiency. The T90 speed-of-response of the CH4-only channel is 2.5s.

Both FID readings are taken simultaneously and calibrated within the instrument's microprocessor to provide Ethernet, RS232, and analog outputs. All of the instrument functions (including electronic flow controllers, settings, diagnostics, calibration, and various alarms) can be accessed via the Ethernet port.

  • It is not subject to column clogging, unlike analyzers that use chromatography to separate CH4 from non-CH4 species.
  • It provides a broad dynamic range of linear measurements, unlike some NMHC analyzers.
  • It is not limited to measuring only non-condensing gases, unlike cold NMHC analyzers.
  • It uses a high-efficiency catalyst & provides fast response, unlike analyzers that require a large cutter surface area & volume.
  • It provides real-time measurements of CH4, NMHC, and THC, unlike analyzers that use only one FID.
  • It includes integral, heated sample filter & pump, unlike analyzers that require external filtration and/or pumping.
  • It is warranted for 2 years, unlike competitive products.
Solar Technical Specifications

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We offer any combination of analyzers built into 19" rack sampling systems for your application. If your requirements are not in our standard product range, contact us about our customized system solutions.

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