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3010 MiniFID
The 3010 MiniFID is a portable heated FID total hydrocarbons (THC) analyzer. It is perfect for stack testing. It is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. With no microprocessor, this Analyzer has been stripped down to the essentials to make it robust and reliable, ready for the rigors of going-out on-site.

Standard 3010

3010 Pure

The 3010 MiniFID is a small, self-contained, and fully portable analyzer. It is equally convenient for use on the laboratory bench or as an on-site measurement tool.

This three-gas flame-ionization analyzer (FIA) features the same detection system as the Series-4, Solar-class range of FIA. The design is based on standard reference technology as specified in ISO standard 16219. Although there are other competitors in the market, Signal leads the way with its precision monobloc detection manifold (combined heated FID, sample filter, calibration facility, and sample pump). This design provides consistent reproducible readings in any application.

The unit comes with a 5m heated sample line and an integral temperature controller. Its bottle rack (which can be detached for using full-sized gas cylinders) houses (optional) 1l fuel & span gas bottles.

Two versions are available.
- The 3010 MiniFID Pure uses a (more efficient) catalytic air purifier for zero air calibration as well as FID burner air supply.
- The Standard 3010 MiniFID uses a (less efficient) field-replaceable carbon cartridge for those supplies.

Signal FIA meet or exceed requirements or the following standards.
  • QUAL1 BS EN 12619:2013
  • US-EPA 40 CFR Part 60 Method 25A and Part 503 Applications

Key Benefits:
  • 2-year warranty
  • Fast speed of Response
  • Fully heated to 191C
  • Integral heated line temperature controller

Standard features:
  • 5m heated sample line
  • Fuel: 40%H2/He for flame ionization detectors
  • Power: 110V 50/60Hz
  • Ranges: 0-10, 100, 1k, 10kppm

  1. 10m heated sample line
  2. Fuel: 100%H2 for flame ionization detectors
  3. Power: 220V 50/60Hz
  4. Ranges: 0-0.01, 0.1, 1, 10% (High Range option)
  5. 220V/240V Transformer
  6. Integral data logger
  7. Pelican carry case
  8. Sintered Sample Probe Stainless steel with a 10 micron sintered end filter to protect the sample line.
  9. Integral catalytic air purifier for internal burner and zero air generation

  • Coating applications, paint spray booths etc.
  • Gas Turbines
  • Solvent incineration and absorption
  • VOC monitoring

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