Press Release from Signal Group Limited Wednesday, 15 October 2003

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Signal Group Ltd announces the launch of its new high performance multigas analyser the MGA9000.

Utilising an innovative dual gas filter correlation analyser, combined with a paramagnetic sensor for oxygen, the MGA9000 is a cost effective, true "three-in-one" gas analyser.

The unique dual gas filter correlation analyser allows two gases to be measured using infrared technology, without interference from competing gases including water vapor.

The addition of a paramagnetic sensor gives oxygen readings from 0-25% over 3 ranges.

The MGA9000 provides separate inputs for each gas type, including span gas, has three separate displays, three control panels and three sets of inputs and outputs (for remote operation, alarms, data transfer etc.).

The remote features, via RS232, offer control of all the main analyser functions plus outputs for range, reading and alarms for gas flow, cal failure and electronic faults.

This unique arrangement allows, for example, one analyser to be calibrated while the other two carry on measuring. Calibration can be programmed for timed Autocal and zero.

Gases measured include CO, CO2, NO, SO2 and O2, ranges available go from 0-50ppm up to 100%.

Interferences are extremely low with 100% CO2 giving an interference on the CO analyser of only 1ppm.

The in-built microprocessor holds 10 point linearity curves for the IR absorbing gases, which can be reset via a PC using SIGLIN software.

The MGA9000 is only 3U high and therefore suitable for both stand alone operation or integration into systems.

Signal offer a complete range of infrared analysers including, Single beam, Luft and Gas Filter Correlation.

The MGA9000


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