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Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) require a representative gas sample to be presented to the gas analyzers to achieve acurate results. In addition, the gas analyzers must be protected from contamination and damage caused by raw stack or process gasses.





In general, an extractive CEMS will often require primary filtration near the point of sample extraction and heat-traced sample tubing to prevent condensate formation. Additionally, a dry-extractive system will use a sample gas conditioning system to dry the gas sample below the ambient dew-point. The particular components selected for an application will depend on a variety of factors including sampling matrix, monitoring technology to be employed and required system response time. These and other engineering priorities are balanced against others in a given application and siting situation.

Each of our monitoring systems is carefully designed to meet the client's requirements in a given application and employ a variety of commercial and custom-manufactured components.

The product descriptions, photographs, and links on this page give a detailed look at some standard components found in our emissions monitoring systems. They are also available for purchase by systems integrators and clients wishing to build their own gas sampling system.

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