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The new compact model 3000HM Total Hydrocarbon Monitor features a fast-response heated flame ionization detector, designed for continuous measurement of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) for research and compliance monitoring in industrial and automotive applications.

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Heated Total Hydrocarbon Monitor Model 3000HM

A catalytic air purifier with air pump (built-in as standard) means
burner air and zero gas are not required from external cylinders. The hydrocarbon monitor has a totally automatic microprocessor-based operation including: auto-ignition, auto-calibration, auto-range and auto-purge. This makes the instrument ideal as a "smart" stand-alone unit or as a "building block" for systems integration via a RS-232 communications port. Automatic diagnostics and fully-configurable alarms are also integral to the unit.

Powerful and Easy to Operate

A large multifunction, backlit LCD provides a clear display of concentration measurement, range, sample flowrate and the status of critical operating parameters (oven, catalyst and flame temperatures, fuel, air and sample pressures, DC and bias power supplies). The intuitive, menu-driven interface and soft key buttons enable the operator to quickly configure and control the hydrocarbon monitor's function. The unit features 19" rack mounting at 3 RU height and a weight of only 35 Lb. It has a dual voltage capability of 115 Vac and 230 Vac which is switchable from the rear panel.

Highest Build Quality

The Signal Instruments model 3000HM is a superior new heated
FID-based hydrocarbon monitor. It has been designed from the ground up to be accurate, reliable and easily maintained. In operation, the instrument is simple, quiet and highly stable. The 3000HM requires no external sources of zero gas or detector combustion air, sets up quickly and is designed for minimal power consumption. The model 3000HM is suitable for hydrocarbon monitoring per 40 CFR part 60, method 25A and in a wide variety of source emissions monitoring applications. CE marked for safety and EMI protection.



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