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The SIGNAL Instruments Model 521 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer is designed for the measurement of gaseous hydrocarbons or volatile organic compounds in ambient air, special process or environmental applications.


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Flame Ionization Analyzer Model 521

The Model 521 relies on the the flame ionization principle of hydrocarbon gas measurement and features a highly sensitive detector and extremely wide dynamic range.


This analog electronic, ambient level hydrocarbon monitor features high sensitivity, fast response, excellent stability, wide dynamic range and low maintenance.
A large digital LCD provides a clear display of total hydrocarbon concentration measurement. Analog gauges are provided for hydrogen fuel, air and sample gas pressure monitoring. A flowmeter is provided on the front panel to monitor bypass sample gas flow. The unit features 19" rack mounting at 5RU height and a typical configured weight of 45 Lb.



Model 521 Hydrocarbon Analyzer Specifications:


paramagnetic o2


Detector Type: Flame Ionization Detector, temperature-controlled at 80 degrees C.

Ranges: Standard: 0-10/25/100/250/1000/2500/10000, optional ranges with auto-ranging available

Response Time: 1.5s (T5 to T95)

Sample Gas Requirements: 1.0 to 3.0 lpm, non-condensing

Fuel: 100% Hydrogen, 50ml/min

Air Supply: Zero Grade, 300ml/min. Compatable with the AS80 Zero Air Supply.

Accuracy and Repeatability: +/- 1.0% of F.S.

Detector (FID) Noise: <0.25% at zero

Linearity: < +/- 1.0%

Output: 0-1VDC, optional voltages and 4-20mA available

Alarms: Two configurable hydrocarbon concentration alarms available as option

Environment: Temperature: 5-30 degrees C, 95%RH, non-condensing.

Dim: 19" rack-mount, 3RU (133.5mm) height, 525mm depth, 25Kg weight.

Warranty: 2 Years

Optional Features:

Alternative ranges and application specific configuration

Built-in sample pump

Current output, 0-20mA of 4-20mA, alternate voltage outputs

Dual level alarms with independently settable SPDT contacts

Automatic Range Change

Automatic Ignition, auto choke

Bench mount case

H2/He fuel




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